Michigan - NOT Small Home Friendly!

After over a year of working with over 100 municipalities and spending thousands of dollars to secure rights to build a 320 SqFt home in three that said they had no minimum square foot requirements - WE GOT NOWHERE!

In a nutshell they lied!  They seem open and inviting on the outside but once you get to the inside you find that they tie you up an a web of passive aggressive red tape that assures they preserve their ability to have a 1,000 SqFt home on each of their lots.  One of them had the lot we wanted in the city inventory for 9 years (thats right $0 of property tax revenue for 9 years) but they still boxed us out even after their city council assured us we had their support. 

We will be digging into more details and exposing these cities in later posts.  I encourage anyone that reads this that has had similar experiences in Michigan or anywhere in the USA to send us your comments.  LETS MAKE SOME NOISE!!!