Q: How do I move it?

A: A flatbed trailer is used with a winch just like a roll off dumpster, or a crane truck


Q: Does it comply with ICC Standards?

A: Yes


Q: Can I get a custom finish on the outside?

A: Yes. paint color of choice is free, but custom exteriors can be estimated.


Q: Can you add a covered porch?

A: Yes. We have an option for a covered porch, or after market awnings may be installed by an experienced technician.


Q: What kind of foundation is required?

A: The containers are made to be supported on the four corners, and can be set on concrete pads at a minimum. Building departments may require a slab, crawl space, or traditional basement depending on local codes


Q: Do I need to apply for an address?

A: Many places still do not recognize tiny homes as permanent structures, so depending on zoning you may or may not be able to acquire an address


Q: Where can I permanently put this home?

A: Building codes vary from place to place, and you will need to contact local building department to determine where is acceptable


Q: Does the price include land to put the home on?

A: No, a lot will need to be purchased separately


Q: How do I get electricity to the home?

A: An electrical service will need to be installed by a licensed electrician for full usage.  The lights, outlets, and heating/cooling can be run from a 30amp line, but will need an adaptor installed by a licensed electrician as well.


Q: How do I get water to the home?

A: Main hot and cold water lines are stubbed through the floor, and will need to be hooked up to either a well, city water, or RV park water supply


Q: How do I hook up sewer?

A: All of the fixtures (sinks, toilet, and shower) are stubbed through the floor, and need to be run to a standard sewer line


Q: What is the Freedom homes R-value?

A: The walls are R-21 closed cell spray foam, and the Ceiling is R-49 closed cell spray foam


Q: What kind of heater is it?

A: The heater is an electric Fujitsu mini split which does heat, cool, and dehumidifier. The unit has a 30 seer rating, which is more energy efficient than any other unit on the market


Q: Is the stove gas or electric

A: The stove is a 4 burner electric


Q: Does the house have smart controls?

A: All of the features of the house are manual, but smart thermostat, lighting packages are available


Q: What kind of roof is it?

A: The container has a convex roof, which sheds water, and other traditional roof systems can be installed. Solar arrays, roof top deck, and rain collection systems are a few of the available upgrades


Q: Will the container rust?

A: The exterior is painted with Sherwin Williams premium exterior paint, and has the life span of any other normal home. Dings in the container may result in rust, however the steel is 1/8” thick, and would hold its integrity for many years


Q: How is the container fastened to the foundation?

A: Steel plates are anchored into the foundation on the corners, and the container once set in place is welded to those plates


Q: How do I get to the basement (if applicable)

A: The basement or crawlspace would be accessed from an outside bilco door


Q: What are the specifications for the basement?

A: The basement can be poured walls, or cinder block with a footprint of 40’ x 8’


Q: What are the specifications for the slab?

A:  The slab would be a minimum of 4” on grade, and you would need to consult your building department to determine if a 24” deep rat-wall is necessary.


Q: What are the specifications for the corner pillars?

A: Pillars would need to be 12” round or square forms poured to a depth of 42”


Q: Can this be placed off-grid?

A: Yes. A solar array large enough, or generator could be used to fuel all of the energy consumption needs. The hot water heater is run from propane, and the stove could also be run from propane.


Q: What cities would allow me to have this home?

A: We are compiling a list of cities that have no minimum square footage requirements. You can also check with your local building codes department to determine compliance


Q: How do I apply for an address?

A: Obtain an Address Request Application from the city you will be locating the home


Q: Can I get a mortgage to purchase a home?

A: We recommend you talk to your local bank about a mortgage.


Q: Can I take this home with me when I move?

A: Yes. Shipping container homes are easily movable, and able to be transported anywhere shipping routes exist


Q: Can I get plans for the house to establish a foundation?

A: Yes. Please inquire, and we will furnish you with a set of prints


Q: Do the appliances have warranties?

A: Yes. The appliances come with factory warranties, and may be eligible for extended warranty plans


Q: Does the house come with a warranty?

A: Yes. The home comes with a 3 year parts, and labor warranty


Q: Are there custom exterior finishes available?

A: Yes. The home can be clad with any siding product. Please inquire for pricing.


Q: How is the exterior finished?

A: The exterior is painted with Sherwin Williams premium exterior paint. Container may also be left “As is” for the industrial aesthetic