A home for Life not Debt!

Life is meant for living and living is about adventure and experiences! Our Freedom Home provides all you need to have a very secure and comfortable launch pad for your LIFE at a fraction of the cost and operating expense of traditional homes.



- 40 x 8 feet and 9.5 feet high

- 1 Bedroom – 1 bathroom, full kitchen,       washer and drier

- Hardwood floors

- Granite counters

- Fully built out with top quality materials   and components

- High efficiency heating, cooling, hot      and cold water

- All codes met

- LED lighting

- Efficient hot water system

- Very high R factors for maximum              comfort at low costs in all climates



Delivered*    $50,000

Installed**      $60,000










•delivered to your site for your installation within 250 miles of Milford MI. Cost to deliver beyond 250 miles will be passed on at our cost.

** we will deliver as per above and will also install home on cement pillars that we will have installed, and we will connect the utilities you have provided.